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We are specialist of email marketing software-Interspire, Sandy, MailWizz, Active Campaign, oempro, phpmail, We provide you reliable server, Software, Customize configuration and installing, Setup of Cron job, Bounce back processing, accounts creation, List management, auto responder, form creation and setup on your website, Trouble shooting, configuration of mail server for sending UNLIMITED emails.

Outlook configuration, Sendmail / Postfix  configuration and trouble shooting, cpanel/whm/plesk, zpanel,  webmin, sendgrid smtp, mailgun, affiliated links Integration, API Key configuration, smtptogo smtp, Amazon smtp,

We charge for Interspire Email Marketer software Installation, Configuration and truobleshooting at affordable prices.[nicepaypallite name=”WordPress Coffee Mug” amount=”200.00″]

Interspire Email Marketer ADD-ON'S
We provide all add-on's, install and configure on your interspire email maketer server.

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  1. Multithread    
  2. Multiple mta & Ip Monitor
  3. Feedback loop processor
  4. Geo-Location     
  5. Backup
  6. Campaign URL Rotator/Sender Name / Sender Email/ Reply Email Rotator.
  7. Social Network Tracking
  8. Instaler

All add-on's integration

Per add-on installation and configuration one time charges is:$60
Paypal:[nicepaypallite name=”WordPress Coffee Mug” amount=”60.00″]

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* We sale, Configure and trouble-shooting all kind of add-ons.

Servers Configuration
Dedicated server, vps server, linux server,  Sendmail / Postfix  configuration and trouble shooting,

Hosting Panel's Installation
cpanel/whm/plesk, zpanel,  webmin,

Smtp Integration
Sendgrid smtp, mailgun, affiliated links Integration, API Key configuration, smtptogo smtp,  Amazon smtp,,  

Email server configuration
Uploading, Hosting, DB creating and connecting, Software upload and updates, PMTA, Mail Server Expert,  Mysql tuning and optimizing, SMTP setting, IP's Configure and change.

Email Delivery
Mail delivery performance, Increasing Inbox rate, setup, troubleshooting, Manage DKIM, SPF, Spam, manage list, auto responder, Creating email list, sending email, Tracking email, Web Form creation and integrating with website, Creating link of downloading  template from your website, Email sent per day as per your requirement .

We provide services of designing, Email Template / Newsletter / Flyer / Brochure designing, setup, troubleshooting. 

  • The use of multiple SMTP servers must be supported
  • The use of multiple IP addresses 
  • Setup on maximum emails processed per hour must be supported
  • Setup postfix, sendmail, Amazon, IP Rotating, Spam Complaints, Blacklist removing.
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